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From my shop to my photo and video content, I aim to leave you chuckin’ with a smirk on your face!


Welcome to QuirkNSpite.com – the online haven where passion meets creativity in the most delightfully quirky way! Here, we embark on a journey through the realms of a unique and quirky lifestyle, exploring the vibrant tapestry of existence with a lens that blends humor and a touch of dark reality. At QuirkNSpite, we’re embracing the extraordinary, celebrating the unexpected, and navigating life’s twists and turns with a healthy dose of both passion and spite. Join us as we unravel the threads of the quirky lifestyle, where creativity reigns supreme, and where even the serious stuff can’t escape our mischievous glance. Let’s dance through the maze of existence, savoring every eccentric step and reveling in the sweet symphony of chaos, for life is best lived when you can embrace both the quirks and spite of the situation!

Welcome to QuirkNSpite, a creative universe curated by Cassandra— a seasoned artist with a passion for embracing life’s dualities. My journey in the film and television industry spans nearly two decades, where I’ve honed my skills as a Script Supervisor for 15 years, navigating the vibrant chaos of on-set productions. Along this path, I’ve gathered an eclectic collection of weird jobs and crazy experiences that have uniquely shaped my artistic perspective.

In 2016, I earned a nomination for the prestigious CanSpin Awards in the “Fire Fan Spinner of the Year” category, highlighting my diverse talents and interests. As a filmmaker, I stepped into the role of director, producer, and editor for the short film “No Where,” a 2018 creation available on YouTube. This project not only showcased my creative vision but also earned recognition in small film festivals in 2019.

QuirkNSpite isn’t just a brand; it’s a reflection of evolution. Before this vibrant chapter, there was Flowers & Flock Off—a whimsical venture encapsulating the essence of the unconventional with a dash of humour. The transition from Flowers & Flock Off to QuirkNSpite represents a metamorphosis, a creative rebirth. The names themselves play into the duality of everything, where the elegance of “Flowers” harmonizes with the irreverent and humorous “F*** Off.”

At the core of QuirkNSpite are values close to my heart: mental wellness, creativity, sustainability, nature, humour, community, kindness, and fairness. These principles breathe authenticity and purpose into every creation, guiding a vibrant and purposeful artistic journey.



From crafting candles and jewelry to sculpting clay wonders, including the unique “skull”ptures and candle holders, my creations infuse spaces with a touch of quirkiness. Wildlife photography is another passion, capturing the beauty of nature through my lens and transforming it into visual stories that resonate.

So, whether you resonate with the serenity of flowers or the rebellious spirit of “Flock Off,” QuirkNSpite invites you to join this eclectic adventure. Here, creativity knows no bounds, and laughter is the best companion on the road less traveled. As I continue to navigate the intersection of diverse artistic endeavors, QuirkNSpite remains a testament to embracing the quirks and sparks that make life truly extraordinary.

The curls behind the camera:

QuirkNSpite's creator Cassandra, the curls behind the camera, posing with her camera, lens on, in a quirky dress and a mischievous smile, she fully embraces the Quirky Lifestyle.


& Spite. 

Blue and Black "Skull"-pture candle holder made by Cassandra.
A marbled blue Kitty Corn Skull made by Cassandra.

One of a kind crafts, jewelry, clothing and more to feed you Quirky Lifestyle, with a touch of Spite.

Three skulls, Hear no Evil, See no Evil Speak no Evil on a green resin tray

Mental Wellness



Quirkly Lifeystyle


Decorative image of a Daisy





“(I) love the colours.

(The) T shirt is really soft!”

-ANN from Ontario.



Customer review edited together with images they sent of them wearing the clothes